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  • New Supplier Increases TSG’s Capacity and Strength

    Tungsten Solutions Group has agreed to represent one of the world’s largest suppliers of W and WC on an exclusive basis to the U.S. market.

    The supply agreement has significantly increased our total capacity of W and WC, as well as all of our other products. This provides additional supply chain redundancy for our customers and raises the level of competition in our internal bidding process, offering the potential for even better prices. Their considerable technical resources also are available to help our customers.

    We will continue adding to our supply chain when we see opportunities to add value to our customers through broadening our offerings and/or increasing the amount of reserved capacity.

  • Tungsten Carbide Powder Products

    Manufacturers of standard and special carbide products use tungsten carbide powders from Tungsten Solutions Group.

    The following products include:

    • solid extruded drill rod blanks
    • extruded tubing blanks
    • two or multi-coolant hole straight and helical blanks
    • step tool blanks for drills and reamers
    • single or double ended mix male and/or female centers
    • radius blanks

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  • Tungsten Solutions Group

    We are a supplier of Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide products for a variety of industries.

    Tungsten Solutions Group offers an online inventory system for customers to order and manage their own inventory from warehouses located in the U.S. with a 24 to 72 hour lead time.

    We provide ancillary products and consulting services.

    Contact us to learn more about our Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide services.

  • Tungsten Market Summary

    More than 80% of the world’s tungsten is supplied by China.

    Recently, China’s demand for tungsten accounts for over 50% of global consumption.

    USA, Europe and Japan represent between 10 and 13% of the world total demand.

    In the beginning of 2009, the global recession led to a 20% fall in APT prices, but by the second of the year prices started to stabilize.

    Although tungsten prices dropped nearly 18% in 2009, other metals such as cobalt, molybdenum and nickel were hit much harder by the recession.

    • Cobalt dropped 54%
    • Molybdenum dropped 59%
    • Nickel dropped 31%


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