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Tungsten & Tungsten Carbide
Scrap Reclamation Program

Tungsten Solutions Group partners with our customers in several ways to help them maximize the cost savings available from using reclaim vs. virgin W or WC.

Capacity Optimization of Customers' Reclamation Processes

While our customers save some money by performing scrap reclamation onsite for reuse in their processes, that operation typically has underutilized capacity. We look for applications that could use reclaim W or WC to improve our customers' capacity utilization and improve their costs of operation.

Converting Scrap for Customers' Reuse

Many manufacturers produce W or WC scrap and could use reclaim material in their application, but do not have their own reclaim operations. We convert their scrap for them, provide the percentage yield, and give them credit on purchases of any virgin material needed to make up any shortfall in their volume requirements.

Buying Customers' Scrap

We also make outright purchases of scrap from customers whose applications cannot use reclaim material. Tungsten Solutions Group converts this scrap for sale to others.