Tungsten Metal Powder and More

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Technical Services to Improve
Your Products and Price Point

Tungsten Solutions Group partners with you, providing the expertise of chemical engineers and metallurgists to help you get the right product to meet your end-use application requirements.

Let us help by:

  • Shaping your specifications to match the actual performance needs
  • Suggesting economical alternatives to your bill of materials
  • Tailoring an engineered product for high performance applications
  • Defining micron-level purity for clean-room electronics production or medical end-use applications
  • Using Six Sigma and Design of Experiments to reduce waste and improve your product and productivity

Due to our supply chain reach and redundancy, we always get you the lowest price by putting your order to bid. More accurate bid specifications enable more competitive quotes and procure the tungsten powder or alloy you really need—to increase your yield, improve your product, and create greater value.

Engineering and Metallurgical Resources

Got a question or problem? Get email or phone consultation from our team of engineers via the “Send a Request” form at the upper left of this page. Our technical service capabilities also include plant visits to review your production process or collaborate on R&D projects.

Looking to enter a new market or raise the performance level of your current products? Access our chemical engineering and metallurgical team’s talents to determine and produce the optimal W or WC particle size needed to achieve your objectives.

Call us to discuss your needs.